A Guide For Christmas In Paris

This article has been prepared to provide you some suggestions and details about what can be done in Paris while waiting for the new year.

1- When should I go to Paris to see the festive period?

Preparations for Christmas in Paris, starting in November. You may be in Paris to witness the decorated streets full of lights. It is up to you to choose a period between November to the end of December.

In order to enjoy the excitement of New Year’s Eve, you should start exploring from Paris’ New Years Bazaars.

Large and small Christmas bazaars are established on many streets of Paris on New Year. Between those bazaars, the most comprehensive one is the Tuileries Garden Christmas bazaar for Christmas in Paris.

Christmas in Paris

Needless to say; that Christmas market is the most visited market in Paris. The bazaar gets welcomes about thirteen million visitors during the Christmas season in Paris. And whatever human beings say, it’s an attraction that is expected via walkers looking for an enjoyable walk and Christmas magic.

In this bazaar, you may find some tiny shops that offering gifts for yourself or someone else.

Which restaurant should I need to be in New Year?

It is hard to recommend an eating place for New Year’s Eve dinner, but for those who want to celebrate the new year in a special atmosphere on Christmas night in Paris, we may recommend the Seine River cruise boats: Bateaux Parisien can be a nice alternative.

It will be a pleasure to visit the shopping malls decorated for New Year and Christmas in Paris. You can buy gifts for yourself or your friends as a souvenir from these shopping malls.

Christmas in Paris2

What alternatives are there to spend Christmas in Paris perfectly?


If you are going to be on Champs-Elysées on new year’s night, you will have to watch the big crowd. Because Champs-Elysées street welcomes almost 500 thousand people in the new year. A magnificent lighted fireworks show is present in arc de Triomphe every year.

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At the same time,  the Eiffel tower is decorated with magnificent lights and is preparing for Christmas in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower hosts a magnificent fireworks show in the new year. In this show, which is watched by thousands of people, a countdown is also made before entering the new year.  After 9 PM, the Eiffel Tower is closed, so if you are planning to welcome the new year at the Eiffel Tower, that is not possible.

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Christmas in Paris4


Of course, when we are mentioned about the New Year, it will be wonderful to have an evening like a dream on Christmas night in Paris in Disneyland.

Everything is planned in advance for the New Year’s celebration and is available for two months for customers. If you planning to be in Disneyland for Christmas night Paris, get ready for an evening where you can shop, watch a variety of shows, and spend time in fun game machines and watch a magnificent fireworks show.

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Christmas in Paris5

For a trip for Christmas in Paris, you need to make your reservation 3-4 months before the new year and you need to complete your plans for how to spend your day.

Considering that it will be much more crowded than ordinary days, it will be very difficult to find a place to eat or find a place to visit on Christmas in Paris.

c In these venues where more special shows are held on New Year’s Eve, you can sip your drink in an elite way and end your night by watching breathtaking shows for Christmas in Paris.

You can choose one of the most preferred venues for Christmas in Paris, Lido de Paris, Moulin Rouge, Paradis Latin, and Crazy Horse.

Nevertheless, as we mentioned before, do not forget to make a reservation for this special night months ago, considering that the places will be busy on New Year’s Day.

After reading that blog post, you can make your reservation quickly with their affordable prices from the site. We wish you a merry Christmas in Paris in advance!