French Culture is one of the cultures that have marked the world with its difference in eating and drinking. Corner bakeries of Paris, which are among the most curious ones with their unique tastes in their kitchen; has long been giving the best examples of gluten-free foods with baguettes, croissants, and pastries. In this blog, we will talk about the best five bakeries in Paris for you.

Paris, the heart of France, takes the top place in introducing this culture to the world. And the patisseries of French chefs, who attach special importance to dessert, adorn every corner of the city. Thus, makes you more in love with the pastry capital of the world. Even visitors who are not overly food-oriented will be sure to affect by the well-presented bread, cakes, and tarts of a traditional Parisian bakery. We have listed the five best bakeries in Paris for you. Are you ready to discover the unique flavors of French cuisine? We seem to hear you say yes. Let’s start then!


1- Maison Kayser 

Maison Kayser is a baker with branches in many parts of the world (such as Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Japan), 18 of which are in Paris. Eric Kayser is renowned as a bakery, but it is one of the best bakeries in Paris with its sweet and savory menu as well as various bread. This is a place in Paris where they sell a variety of bread, made of a mixture of milk, hazelnuts, and honey. Despite all this branching, they continue the tradition of small-scale bakeries, using natural yeasts and producing bread that does not contain any additives. When you come here, we recommend you buy baguettes with raisins for breakfast. Also, don’t leave without trying the croissant and raspberry pie.


2- Poilane

Founded by Pierre Poilane in 1932, this bakery is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to good bread in Paris. Poliane sells 15,000 loaves of bread a day. This means 2% of the bread consumed throughout France. Baguette bread is never produced in Poilane. Their main bread is their unique “Miche Poilane”, a round bread weighing 2 kg. Poliane has the letter P on the bread. Bread is baked in a wood oven for 1 hour and preserves its freshness for up to 7 days. With the unique online ordering system, they send bread by cargo to many countries over their websites due to the durability and popularity of the bread. When you travel to Paris, we recommend you to come here and buy their bread.


3- Paul

Paul is an oven that has managed to make its name known according to many neighborhood bakeries with around 500 branches in many different cities of the world. It has added fame to its reputation by opening branches in every corner of Paris. This branch, which is located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, just across Printemps, is worth seeing. This branch, in which you will especially love its interior decoration, has snacks on the lower floor and sitting places on the upper floor. Visit Paul to try these delicious products with various types of bread, cakes, and sandwiches.


4- Poujauran

Monsieur Poujauran is the first famous chef to make 100% French bread using mill-milled organic flour. It is not possible to get in and just take the bread and leave. Apart from bread, cookies, cakes, and mini tarts are irresistibly beautiful. The decoration of the shop is as beautiful as the products in the Poujauran. Although it seems very crowded at first when you enter the shop, which is pink on the outside, it has a nice layout in its own right. Space has light cream-colored walls, baskets on shiny copper shelves, trays filled with all kinds of bread, jam jars, tart, brioche, croissants, and cookies. When you come here, order a delicious dessert and enjoy the ambiance while eating your dessert.

Gérard Mulot

5- Gérard Mulot

Gérard Mulot is also one of the best bakeries in Paris. Its location is in St-Germain. You will not be able to take your eyes off the cake showcase with the artistic cakes they prepare. We highly recommend you to taste puff pastry and red cakes in this place, which is not only sweet but also one of the best baguettes in Paris. If you want to have a picnic as it is not far from the Jardin du Luxembourg, you can take everything you need and enjoy the picnic.

As you can see, bread has a very important place in French cuisine. The French continue to buy their bread from bakeries, not from the grocery store. Because they continue to maintain their bakery traditions. Every bakery in Paris makes delicious bread using different grains, seeds, and herbs. Each oven has varieties made with whole wheat, rye, or wheat flour. Desserts are a must as well as bread. While reading this article, have you craved bread and sweets? Come and visit the best five bakeries in Paris and enjoy delicious bread and desserts.