Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

We know that Paris is quite good when it comes to food. But lately, Paris has also become one of the coolest places to have a drink. With dozens of signature wine bars, custom beer bars and cocktail temples in nightlife venues Pigalle, Strasbourg Saint-Denis and Paris’ drinking venues have quietly become one of the best and most diverse in the world.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

After a day of sightseeing and tiredness, you might not know where to go outside in Paris. Paris has a very lively nightlife and there is something for it.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

The important thing is to know where to start. So, from mixologists who portray old-school French spirits to wine connoisseurs equipped to choose a bottle that suits your mood, these are the Parisian bars we think should be at the top of your drinker bucket list. Cheers, or as the French say, tchin-tchin!

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Harry’s Bar

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

How would you like to take your place among the famous writers, musicians and actors who enjoyed drinking at Harry’s Bar? Opened by American immigrant Harry MacElhone on Thanksgiving Day in 1911 and still run by the same family, the bar has since witnessed the birth of famous cocktails such as the White Lady, Bloody Mary and Sidecar.

It is not difficult to imagine Hemingway and the countless famous jazz musicians who have performed here for years when you step into the dark and classical interior that is reminiscent of a deceased era.

Location: 5 Rue Daunou, 2nd arr.

Nearest station: Opéra

Le China

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Asian bar and restaurant, Le China, was inspired by Shanghai’s colonial-era city clubs of the 1930s; Bright red walls, a checkerboard black and white floor, ‘Chesterfield’ sofas, palm trees and dim lighting stand out in the interior decoration.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

The bar features cocktails such as Hemingway (Cuban rum, Cointreau, lime and grapefruit mix) and a variety of fine wines.

I guess we couldn’t call it a city club if it didn’t have a special section for after-dinner drinks; You can go upstairs and enjoy a glass of cognac in front of the fireplace.

Location: 50 Rue de Charenton, 12th arr.

Nearest Station: Ledru-Rollin

Le Café

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

A friendly and sincere bar.

Le Café, on the Rue Tiquetonne, is an intimate place full of scattered ornaments, offering modest cuisine. The outside seating is small and the place doesn’t have a DJ, but the staff occasionally play music CDs.

Although it has a simple decoration, jet set people and French stars stop by so often that it is sometimes seen in French fashion guides, right next to the most exclusive venues.

Location: 62 Rue Tiquetonne, 2nd arr.

Nearest Station: Étienne Marcel

Ice Kube Bar

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

A design hotel located in a luxury mansion in a dark side street close to the railway, hosts two bars that will make the visit here meaningful.

In the bar below, the sofas are covered with bearskin and warm and dark brown tones are preferred for decoration. Popular for late-night snacks as well as Sunday brunches, this place is always packed.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Upstairs, the temperature drops to -18 degrees in this Paris’ only ice bar. Don’t forget to put on your ski coat, gloves, and beret before entering this frozen bar for a drink. You have to book ahead and pay € 26 for three vodka cocktails.

Location: 1-5 Passage Ruelle, 18. arr.

Nearest Station: La Chapelle

Au Général Beuret

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

If you love superheroes, you will love it here!

Le Général Beuret is a modest bar located in the corner of a small and pleasant square. The decoration is simple but colorful and one of the first things you will notice is how much superheroes are loved here. Adorning the walls is a character inspired by Superman with the letter ‘B’ on his chest.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

The bar is often overflowing with Parisians reading newspapers, drinking beer in small glasses and joking with friendly staff. The food on the menu is also the kind you find in every bar: burgers, steak and chips.

In summer, you can sit at the tables on the sidewalk and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of the street.

Le Fumoir

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Le Fumoir with a different concept.

You can visit this place to enjoy a good book with a drink among elegant armrests, smoked walls and thick roller blinds. Le Fumoir’s library has over 3,000 books, and you’re free to buy any you like as long as you trade for something else.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

The tall mahogany bar counter was recovered from a warehouse in Philadelphia and dates back to the alcohol prohibition era when the illegal alcohol trade was made.

Today, in addition to many distinguished cocktails, high-quality teas and brunch on Sundays are served on this counter.

Location: 6 Rue de l’Amiral Coligny, 1. arr.

Nearest Station: Louvre-Rivoli

Le Comptoir Général

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

This is not just a bar!

Le Comptoir Général, which is a museum where memories collected from France’s former overseas African colonies are exhibited, is a window to ‘vintage’ items, exotic kitchen utensils and artworks from different Sahara countries.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

The bar, which also has live music and DJ sets, also has second hand books, records and a ‘vintage’ fashion shop upstairs. You can benefit from arriving early, as it is a very popular place at night.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Once it’s inside, you can try the refreshing Secousse cocktail prepared by mixing passion fruit juice and vodka and served with cucumber slices.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Location: 80 Quai de Jemmapes, 10th arr.

Nearest Station: République

Andy Wahloo

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Favorite place especially in summer

Andy Wahloo, a Moroccan bar from the 1970s filled with pop art, stools made of paint cans and shelves decorated with canned sardines, is hidden behind a modest doorway in a narrow street.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

The garden of the bar, surrounded by trees, is open in summer and is set up on comfortable cushions for you to enjoy a glass of Moroccan mint tea.

Don’t be surprised when Hakim greeted you privately and invited you in to play billiards, watch TV or eat something as if he were his own apartment.

Best of all, you can walk through the wardrobe to the bar’s smoking room.

Location: 69 Rue des Gravilliers, 3. arr.

Nearest Station: Arts-et-Métiers

Le Coeur Fou

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Le Coeur Fou – Crazy Heart – is a local place where creative spirits and art-related friends meet to mingle. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a few tapas dishes on the menu, and the interior is simple: a pair of yellow sofas, a seat with lined pillows, and an old movie poster.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Undoubtedly, it is not uncommon for two foreigners who were affected by the intoxicating flavors of the bartender Rachid to suddenly start a conversation.

As the temperature of summer increases, the crowds who want to enjoy the night air of Paris are beginning to fill the terrace.

Location: 55 Rue Montmartre, 2. arr.

Nearest Station: Sentier

Café La Perle

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

A frequent destination for different groups

Once one of the most popular bars in the Marais, Café La Perle continues to attract lively crowds with its tacky 70s style and carefree atmosphere.

Mismatched crowds of fashionistas, expatriates with art-related careers, and LGBT groups often spill out of the venue and take the party to the street.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

On Thursdays and Fridays, the party starts in the early evening in the bar where DJ performs; so you may want to come in an early hour. The employees are friendly and service is provided outside the bar during the months when the weather is warmer.

Location: 78 Rue Vieille du Temple, 3. arr.

Nearest Station: Saint-Sébastien – Froissart

Little Red Door

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Don’t be fooled by its small appearance!

Unsurprisingly, this little bar is hidden behind a miniature red door; However, since the door is often locked, this should be considered as a decorative element. If you want to get in, you have to use the normal door on the left.

The flickering candles inside, brick-looking walls and colorful chairs all add a certain street art style to this stylish and delightful Parisian cocktail bar.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Mixed by talented bartenders and served in beautiful classic glasses, the cocktails strengthen the ambiance of the setting. The dazzling mastery of the bartenders is enough to justify the slightly expensive prices.

Location: 60 Rue Charlot, 3. arr.

Nearest Station: Filles du Calvaire

Chez Jeannette

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

A humble Paris bar …

Come to Chez Jeannette at any time of the day, you can find a warm atmosphere and a humble crowd. The bar, where only a few locals drink beer during the daytime, is populated by Parisians who come to drink after work after 6 pm.

Best Places To Get A Drink In Paris

Although it looks a little neglected with its historic chandeliers and tobacco-yellowed wallpapers, the bar is filled with a distinctive air. You can order a few beers and a cheese tray from the Auvergne region and enjoy the atmosphere.

Location: 47 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10. arr.

Nearest Station: Strasbourg Saint-Denis

When you go to Paris, don’t go without stopping by these places and drinking a few glasses. Happy if we added new flavors and some fun to your tour. Then à votre santé!!