best restaurants in paris


Are you ready to discover the beautiful French dishes of Paris, one of the most beautiful and romantic centers in the world? We have prepared a list for you to discover Paris like a local and try and taste delicious dishes in the best restaurants.

Paris is a place where eating and drinking culture is at its peak, where superior tastes and aesthetic understanding come together. It is very easy to pamper yourself with the recipes that can be considered as works of art prepared by the hands of world-famous chefs in Paris food and beverage venues scattered all over the city. In Michelin-starred restaurants, you can observe how chemistry and cuisine culture intertwine thanks to the futuristic food trend “molecular gastronomy” of our age, or you can have an elegant dinner in Paris restaurants that preserve their classic texture. Yes; Paris is a fascinating city for its food culture and there are restaurants here that you should book days in advance. So let’s explore the best Parisian restaurants, some of which are hidden and others become popular.

For those looking for real tastes, here are the best restaurants in Paris:

1- Septime

Septime, one of the most popular and high quality chain restaurants in Paris, is located on the popular street Rue de Charonne, where art, music and social life are never lacking. Septime restaurant is a nice French bistro with a simple decoration that displays a noble stance despite all its popularity. Septime, which is among the 50 best restaurants in the world, has also been awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Award.

Bertrand Grebaut, the owner and chef of this restaurant, has taken classic French cuisine to a whole new level. Bertrand Grebaut revolutionized his purely plant-based recipes, finding the perfect balance between freshness and flavor. If you want to come to Septime, one of the things you need to know is that it is not open on Saturdays and Sundays. Septime serves lunch between 12.15-14.00 and dinner between 19.30-22.00. Meals are offered in 4 or 7 menus. Their prices are average. It is one of the must-visit places to discover the Parisian culture.

2-Le Vaudeville

Transformed from a historic theater recreation hall, Le Vaudeville is a vintage restaurant. While the restaurant was being decorated, great care was taken to preserve the old texture of the place. The Le Vaudeville menu has been prepared as attentive as the decoration. This restaurant, which is assertive with its shellfish, steaks, and desserts, is located on the Rue De Vivienne.

Le Vaudeville, where you will probably have to wait in line for 20-30 minutes when you go without a reservation, is open every day between 08.00-00.00. However, it closes its doors at 23:00 on Sundays and Mondays. Prices are average. We highly recommend this restaurant, especially for those looking for oceanic flavors.

best restaurants in paris

3- Frenchie

Offering reflections of modern French cuisine, Frenchie is the perfect choice for a romantic meal in Paris! Also, Frenchie, one of the vegetarian-friendly restaurants, offers gluten-free options to its guests.

The Frenchie, which is closed on Saturday and Sunday, offers lunch between 12.00-14.00 and dinner between 18.30-21.30. But let’s not go without saying the presentation; Lunch is available only on Thursdays and Fridays. The restaurant Frenchie, located on the Rue De Nil, which is a narrow but lively street, is assertive in its fusion cuisine. We suggest you book here as soon as you decide to go to Paris!

best restaurants in paris

4- Miss Kô

Blended with Japanese culture, Miss Kô, Paris restaurant, is colored with the latest designs of famous French designer Philippe Starck. Miss Kô, a Far Eastern Restaurant, is a very popular place with its lively atmosphere, young customer base, and central location. If you want to go to France and try Japanese culture, not French culture, you should add Miss Kô to the list of places to visit. Miss Kô, which welcomes sushi lovers every day between 12.00-02.00, is also ideal for those looking for a quality Parisian restaurant to eat late at night. The prices here are average, the service is excellent, and the waiters are friendly.

5-Chez L’Ami Jean

best restaurants in paris

Chez L’Ami Jean, one of the most distinguished bistros of Paris, is the favorite of the 7th Region. Chez L’Ami Jean, managed by Stéphane Jégo, turns it into delicious meals by combining carefully selected organic and high-quality foods and the foods that are own grown by themselves. The menu of the restaurant mainly carries traces from Southern France and the food changes every day. Here you can also buy handmade sauces or similar products or participate in various cooking classes. The restaurant prepares lunch and evening meals between 12.00-14.00 and 19.30-23.00. The prices are high, but you can be sure that the enchanting flavors and excellent presentation are worth it.

6- Bistrot Paul Bert

best restaurants in paris

Located in 11th Popincourt, one of the most bohemian districts of Paris, Bistrot Paul Bert looks like a traditional French bistro. The prices are high, but you can be sure that the enchanting flavors and excellent presentation are worth it. In the menu of the restaurant, where you can find cult flavors of French cuisine, you can also find modernized flavors and taste beautiful local drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Bistrot Paul Bert, which is closed on Sundays and Mondays, offers service between 12.00-14.00 and 19.30-23.00 on other days. The prices are a bit expensive, but you will find that it is good for the high standards of Parisian restaurants.

7- L’Osteria dell’anima

best restaurants in paris

Serving in a cute and small shop, L’Osteria dell’ anima is located in the Oberkampf region. If you are one of those who come to Paris looking for Italian flavors, this is the ideal place for you. This affordable place has a wide range of options from delicious Italian pasta to meat recipes. L’Osteria dell’ anima is especially assertive in seafood pasta. L’Osteria dell’ anima, which is closed on Sundays, is open only for evening meals on Saturdays, and for both lunch and dinner on other days.

best restaurants in paris

8-  La Poule Au Pot

If you want to experience the magical beauty of French cuisine, we recommend you to come to La Poule au Pot, located in the central area at 9 Rue Vauvilliers. This traditional French bistro is run by famous chef Jean-Francois Piège. Offering delicious produce to locals and tourists in bustling Paris, this long-established restaurant was rescued and restored by Piège. Chef Piège is known for his creative approach to traditional French comfort food. Despite the restaurant’s name, there is no chicken on the menu. Instead, La Poule au Pot offers dishes such as roast beef shoulder, an outstanding tomato salad, snails, and steak dishes. If you want an interesting and timeless interior, delicious food, polished French service, you should come here!

9- Benoit Paris

If you want to hold to the high standards of Michelin food, you must book a table at Benoit Paris. Benoit Paris, located at 20 Rue Saint-Martin, is a classic restaurant that has existed since 1912!  It’s hard to find a Parisian who hasn’t heard of this charming and historic bistro in the city and especially in its neighborhood. We recommend this place if you want to experience French food right. You will be amazed by both its atmosphere and the difference in quality.

10- Bagnard

Bagnard, one of the few projects of French famous chef Yoni Saada in Paris, is a place where you can have a relaxed and stylish lunch serving the favorites of the Mediterranean-inspired street food .Known for having some of the best Mediterranean food in the city, Bagnard is also the forerunner of trendy cuisine. The menu includes sandwiches carefully prepared on delicious homemade whole grain bread, as well as fresh salads and daily specials. We cannot decide whether it is offering elegant food comfortably or elegantly ordinary food. All we know is that the menu is colorful, full of flavor, and something for everyone. It is open from Monday to Saturday 11:30 (a.m) -4.00 (p.m). Sunday is closed. If you want to take your lunch to the next level, we highly recommend going to Bagnard, located at 7 Rue Saint-Augustin.

best restaurants in paris

11-  Breizh Café

Whether you want a good pancake or eat it for the first time, Breizh Café at 4 Rue Des Petits Carreaux will surely satisfy your wishes and impress you!  Breizh, specialized in the art of making traditional pancakes with a modern Japanese touch, awaits you for a delicious taste using quality and fresh products for all kinds of pancakes. It is open every day between 10:00 in the morning and 11:00 at night. If you want to feel like French, don’t leave Paris without tasting these delicious pancakes.

best restaurants in paris

12- Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne, a magnificent restaurant in Paris, the apple of the eye of France, is located in the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the city.  If you can’t get enough of visiting the Eiffel Tower and seeing the magnificent view of Paris, you will be able to continue enjoying the view while eating. You can watch the unique view of Paris and eat delicious meals at this 124-meter-high restaurant. Chefs, all of whom are famous in their fields, cook their meals in the restaurant. In Jules Verne, the Michelin Restaurant, chefs place the dishes one by one while placing the dishes on the plate, as if painting a painting. You need to make a reservation in advance to be able to eat at Le Jules Verne Restaurant. Lunch and dinner are served at the restaurant. You also need to dress properly here because that’s a rule. Even if the tie and jacket are not compulsory, you should dress stylishly. You are not allowed to go in with shorts and a shirt. Also, it is not a place to go with children. There is no special menu or high chair for children. If you want to have a great eating and drinking experience at Le Jules Verne Restaurant located in the heart of the Eiffel, we strongly recommend you to come!

The food atmosphere in Paris is unlike anything else in the world. If you want to try delicious French cuisine in the best restaurants and cafes in Paris, you can take advantage of this list we have prepared for you. We have listed the best restaurants in the city for you. Discover and enjoy the famous French gastronomy. Bon appétit!