The Parisian style is a concept that expresses the clothing and lifestyle of French, especially Parisian women. As you know, Paris is the capital of fashion. And it’s a city that has served fashion since the seventh century. For this reason, the Parisian style has a fashion culture that has been shaped by centuries. It has a style that is almost ingrained in its genes and at the same time its elegance that admires the whole world. When you go to Paris, you may want to dress in a style that reflects the unique, stylish and Paris street style in the streets of Paris. If you want to create an original style from individual popular pieces, let’s see…

Like every business, fashion has its own language. First of all, let’s briefly mention a few terms we come across in Paris street style…


Following this trend, which was pioneered by names such as Annie Lennox and David Bowie for the first time in the 80’s, designers started to bring together masculine and feminine details in their collections. The androgynous style is formed by the use of the same cuts, fabrics and details from men’s and women’s fashion.

Animal Print

Ready to go on a fashion safari? Leopard print or tiger print tops, accessories, bags.

Baguette Bag

A long, small, narrow bag in which the most important things can fit. Its strap is also long enough to hang on the shoulder. Thus, the bag can be compressed under the arm. Just like a Frenchman carries his baguette under his arm.

Bourgeoise Bohemian

Hippie and Yuppie mix. A community of people who think ideally but live materialistically. For example; They shop from markets where only natural products are sold without environmental awareness and wear jeans produced in third world countries. Theirs is no more than a daily protest. In the fashion world, “bourgeoise bohemians” combine impossible outfits in their own style. It-girls like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller stand out as the two names representing this trend.

Cool Chic

The mix of elegance and femininity makes up this style. The waist-fitting jacket, pencil skirt combination that reveals the body lines is complemented by a white blouse and high-heeled shoes. Materials such as cashmere, silk, flannel make the style look luxurious. Accessories suitable for the style are pearl or plain gold jewellery.


It is a style where we see the combinations in which masculine and feminine are used together. Details such as men’s trousers, jackets, small vests, large men’s shirts, hats and men’s shoes are among the items borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. Let the compatible parts play with each other. For example, lace underwear is worn under an elegant blouse, high heels worn under trousers or pencil skirts combined with a jacket.


The dress model of the period after the French Revolution with its yoke ending under the chest instead of a waist carving and highlighted décolleté. “Empire” means Napoleon’s imperial period. Empire style dresses are among the favourite pieces of the winter season with their romantic and feminine looks.

Full Skirt

A knee-length skirt that fits at the waist and flares down. When pleated is preferred, it turns into a bell skirt form. In the 50s, this feminine skirt was worn especially on the field.


The name given to jeans worn by stars such as It-Jeans, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, and Kate Moss. It-Jeans adds “cool” glamour to any outfit, while also offering an American comfort.


Stylish fabric in which blouses and dresses are decorated with lace or flounce. Inspired by French men’s clothing for the first time in the 17th century, this style is mostly offered to us by the Louis Vuitton brand today.

Lady Chic

Elegance meets classic cuts and high-quality materials; cashmere twinsets, tonal surge or leopard print pencil skirts and blouses, matching shoes and bags. In addition to all these, this style portrays a luxurious woman with pearl and gold jewellery and modern combed hair in the mood of Catherine Deneuve.

Manolo Blahnik

It has been producing handmade shoes of excellent quality since 1971, with its breathtaking feminine high heels and unique stiletto heels. According to Blahnik, the shoes he designed to appeal to women who “always want to look more fantastic”. Manolos are an indispensable piece of “it” for rich, fashion-conscious women. It is worth remembering that the TV series “Sex and the City” has an important place in the recognition of Manolos by more women.


Op-Art is short for ‘Optical Art’. It is the name of an art branch that has drawn a different direction since the second half of the 20th century. The sharp geometric pattern stands out with the effect of being three-dimensional or deceiving the eye when it moves.

Pencil Skirt

Knee-length skirt with a narrow silhouette that tapers towards the knee. Although it reduces the freedom of movement by half, the pencil skirt emphasizes the body lines and provides feminine curves to the childish figures. It definitely looks very stylish and it is necessary to wear high-heeled shoes underneath.


The mantle, which has a seamless waistband, fits the body, expands towards the skirts and takes the form of a bell skirt.


A topcoat worn in all seasons, mostly with models in natural tones, whose waist is tied tightly with a thick leather belt or its own belt. Other details include a hood, slanted side pockets, zipper and wide sleeves. Burberry models are now classic.


The name given to single and special pieces or collections of the past period. Like Christian Dior’s New Look in the 40s, Pucci’s 60s prints, YSL’s suits from the ’80s …

Now we have a few suggestions outside of the terms.
You can wear a Breton pattern.

Breton is a pattern made of horizontal lines. Coco Chanel is the greatest legacy of French and even world style. In the French style, the breton pattern is often used. You can create simple and stylish combinations with this pattern.

You can wear items stolen from the men’s wardrobe.

There are pieces that transfer from men’s wardrobe to women. Boyfriend shirt and jeans; men’s trousers; men’s shoes loafer; tuxedo… Here, the French style played a big part in that revolutionary transfer. In Parisian style, all this is worn fondly. Occasionally, the men’s shirt is worn with a stylish pencil skirt. Occasionally, a tracked, stylish blouse is worn with men’s trousers.

You can blend the feminine style with Rock N Roll.

Parisians don’t give up the feminine style, nor the rock n roll that pioneers comfort/rebellion. As such, Parisians love to mix these two styles. In the streets of Paris, you can see Parisians wearing pearl or diamond necklaces on rock t-shirts.

Wear sneakers with the Tuxedo suit.

Converse with the Parisian style sight, ultra-formal tuxedo jacket, you can wear New Balance sneakers. If so, he can achieve the Parisian style by completing the suit with a sneaker.

The end of the fashion safari. Hopefully, all the combinations and pieces mentioned will allow you to create combinations that will be on them all.

Stay stylish!