Coronavirus in Paris

Lastest Situation and Measures Taken Regarding the Coronavirus in France

The epidemic Covid-19, which has changed our lives for about 10 months, has mutated 3 times in the last 10 months. As soon as our lives returned to normal, the full epidemic decreased, as the second wave caused us to make radical changes in our lives.

As soon as the World thought; got rid of the first wave, kindergartens, middle schools and universities were opened to education, travel restrictions were lifted and all tourist attractions started to serve again. The world, unaware that the epidemic will begin again when all these places are opened, was trapped in the second wave of the Coronavirus.

1-State Measures

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the Coronavirus epidemic was about to get out of control, and announced that it would return to isolation as of October 30 across the country.

Last week, the quarantine in the country ended as of December 1. All service sectors, restaurants, entertainment venues, schools, tourist attractions and museums in the country were completely closed and all possibilities for the locals to go out were limited.

Surely, all institutions providing health services were left open within 1 month. Despite this, the number of cases and patients, which was over 50 thousand per day, decreased, but the disease could not be eradicated completely.

In France, which completed its 1-month quarantine, 11 thousand 221 new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) were diagnosed in the last 24 hours. This number shows that when the number of 50 thousand cases before quarantine is considered, it has decreased considerably.

The rate of Covid-19 tests being positive reached 17.6 percent.

Active Corona Virus Cases in France
Total Coronavirus Deaths in France

2- The Situation About Coronavirus in France Before the Quarantine

Last month, the number of infected people in France from Coronavirus increased by 50 thousand 621 in the last 24 hours. While this figure has been the highest number of daily cases recorded in the country and Europe since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of cases recorded in one day exceeded 50 thousand for the first time.

In the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in France, 456 people died in hospitals in the last 24 hours.

While 9 thousand 605 people were being treated in hospitals, 1750 of whom were in intensive care, the number of those who recovered increased by 669 to 104 thousand 82.

3- Latest Measures Taken According To the Coronavirus in France

Within the scope of Coronavirus measures in France, there is no final judgment regarding the transition to free life in France. As of December 15, many museums and sightseeing places in France will be opened to the service for the citizens, many tourist attractions including the Eiffel tower have been opened, and what will be the latest situation in Coronavirus cases in France is among the highly anticipated questions.

As we are in December, all citizens who are trying to plan how and where they want to spend the New Year and Christmas celebrations are waiting for the New Year restrictions to be imposed by the elders of the state.

In the current situation, we have bad news for those who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in any restaurant; All restaurants and cafes in France will remain closed until January 15th 2020 because of the Coronavirus in France.

Cabaret shows as Paradis Latin, Crazy Horse, Lido and more are one of the most important tourism and entertainment sector of France (especially Paris), are also planned to remain closed until 15 January becuse of the Coronavirus in France. With these measures; It is planned that citizens will not come together and form a community on New Year’s Eve and special days and the rate of spread of the virus will be reduced.

Since all entertainment venues and restaurants are closed at the New Year because of the Coronavirus in France, all people who want to spend New Year’s Eve celebrations at home and safely, going to those shopping centers and buy gifts to each others. And all citizens who want to celebrate the New Year at home safely have already started their preparations. While we hope that we will leave all these bad days behind in the near future, it seems like the best option to celebrate New Year’s Eve and special days at home to protect healthcare professionals and our loved people.