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The coronavirus, which has affected all over the world, has also prevented us from travelling, but do not despair. Discover this online Paris tour that will bring you closer to the most famous monuments of Paris.

On these days, travelling is hard to do, actually impossible. If your holiday plans were to visit Paris this year, you are in the right place. You still have a chance to visit Paris with the online Paris tour with all details.

In this article, we have organized a tour where you may explore the most well-known monuments of this amazing city with online Paris tours. For the online Paris tour, all you need is Wi-Fi connection, you don’t need anything else.

How to visit Paris Online?

The best way to discover Paris is a virtual tour. Just click the links below, and start to explore the most famous attractions. On this tour, you may visit all of the historic locations as if you had been inside and will be amazed at the high truth details inside. The best way to travel in comfort is to benefit from the online Paris tours.

The Best Online Paris Tours

The tour links that you have in this spot, easy to reach the landmarks which are the world-famous monuments in Paris. Enjoy with your online Paris tour. Simply sit back again and enjoy the audio-guided virtual tours. You also have a chance to listen to their history with a digital recorded guide. Travelling has never been easy to get to.

So let’s start have a online Paris Tour in a comfort!


Online Paris Tours With Your Phone Eiffel Tower
How many visitors does the Eiffel Tower get a year?

As France’s the most visiting monument; Eiffel Tower gets 7 million visitors in a year. Let’s explore this huge building closely.

When mentioned in Paris, the first place that comes to mind is of course the most visited and curious structure of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Just click the link and be one of the 7 millions of people who can see the Eiffel Tower.

You will be amazed by the view from the top of the Tower. If you are afraid of heights you can deal with this with Paris online tour.

Just simply click and climb to the Summit floor;

Paris Online Tour


Online Paris Tours With Your Phone Louvre Museum
Did you know?

According to the statistics; if you spend only 60 seconds for each piece, visiting the Louvre would take 70 days. We may now realize why it is the most famous museum in the World.

During this quarantine period, you can protect yourself at home and visit the Louvre Museum for days with this online Paris tour.

Let’s take a closer look at this world-famous museum. Online Paris tour will give you a chance to read all the information about each piece.

Just simply click;

Louvre Museum Online Tour

Click to change the room ;

Louvre Museum Online Tour


Online Paris Tours With Your Phone Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe has been built between 1806 and 1836 and it is still the biggest arch in the world. It has located in the centre of Paris, its location gives a clear panoramic view from the top of this huge building. It is hard to climb to the top of the arch, but the online Paris tour will make it easy to reach the summit.

Did you know that?

The surfaces of the walls are filled with the names of hundreds of generals and soldiers. This reveals the importance of the building, emotionally.

Just simply click to link and enjoy with a breathtaking panorama of the world-famous city;

Arc dxe Triomphe Online Tour

Online Paris tour gives you all the details as if you were under the building.


Online Paris Tours With Your Phone Versailles Palace

Let us give you an interesting information about Versailles ;

The Palace was the setting for the world’s first hot air balloon flight in history.

Also, the Palace has an incredible garden which has famous for it. The gardens over 800 hectares make it a botanic palace. That is the important thing to must see the Palace.

How about taking a trip to the world famous room in it?

Simply click to the link and start to be amazed at carefully detailed decoration. Also, the online Paris tour gives you a chance to read about the pieces’ history just with a click ;

Versailles Palace Online Tour

And please click the link to see breathtaking gardens of the palace with online Paris tour;

Versailles Palace Online Tour

Versailles Palace Online Tour

We have provided you with the opportunity to explore the most famous 4 monuments of Paris with this online Paris tour for the quarantine days.

You can be sure that we will gladly offer you the best sightseeing experience when situations getting better. We will be waiting for you to discover Paris closely with our most advantageous prices and friendly staff.

Note that we can get reservations for the year 2021. Early booking means advantage. Click for advantageous early reservation;

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For a little time, stay home, stay safe! 🙂