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Palace of Versailles Fact

Do you know that the most visited building after the Eiffel Tower in Paris is the Palace of Versailles? In this article, we will talk about the Palace of Versailles fact.

Palace of Versailles Fact

When we look at  French history the Palace of Versailles appears as a structure that sheds light on the dynasty and lifestyle of that period. The Palace of Versailles, the home of the kings of France, is one of the most important symbols of French history. The Palace of Versailles which is used as a museum today and visited by more than 10 million tourists annually, is among the UNESCO cultures and heritages. Let’s learn more about the facts of the magnificent palace of Versailles.

The Versailles Palace, which used to be a hunting lodge and later became an official housing for the French kings by Louis XIII was converted into a palace in the 1630s. However, it is king Louis XIV  who extended the palace and made additions. King Louis XIV transformed this luxurious palace into what we know today, recreating in the form of architecture and art, the biggest and most beautiful palace ever built. The construction of the palace was a representation of his great wealth and power. There are 2300 rooms in the palace. These rooms include the Venus and Mars Hall, private suits of the king and queen, the Royal Chapel, Royal Opera Hall.

Palace of Versailles Museum and Artworks Collection Facts

Palace of Versailles Museum and Artworks Collection Facts

The Palace of Versailles has more than 60 thousand art collections spread over a wide period of time. In fact, the works of art that started to be collected since the first construction of the building were first collected into a collection by Louis-Phillippe in 1837.

The works of the history of France from the Middle Ages to the 19th century were classified chronologically. Some of the works are exhibited in the Hall of Mirror, the others in the gardens, in small and large pavilion sections. Let’s go into a little more detail and talk about the facts of the Hall of Mirror, Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and Versailles garden.

Hall of Mirror

Hall of Mirror

After visiting the king and queen’s private suits, you should visit the Hall of Mirror.

This hall is the central gallery and the most important place of the Versailles Palace.

The Hall of Mirror, which is another fact of the Palace of Versailles, can be said as a place decorated with works of art in the economic, political, and artistic fields of France. The interior Hall of mirrors is covered with 357 great mirrors. Because the mirror was a sign of luxury and wealth. For this reason, it was provided to show the richness of France by being covered with mirrors.

This palace reflects the power of the king and the image of the monarchy. Therefore everything needed to look beautiful and fascinating. Some of the paintings and works of art in the Hall of Mirror serve as a history museum today. The Mirrors Hall also has a historical significance as the place where the Versailles Peace Treaty was signed between the Allied Powers and Germany in 1919 and ended the First World War.

We mentioned that 2300 rooms in the palace. But what if we say that no toilet and bathroom are built even though there are so many rooms? The reason for not having a bathroom or toilet was because the nobles living in the palace were able to meet their needs wherever they wanted. Nine toilets were built after the French revolution. Of course, these toilets were made for the use of the king and his family.

Another of the Palace of Versailles facts was that the palace was not exclusively for the king and his family or nobles. Everyone could visit the palace and gardens whenever they wanted, but there was a rule: it was necessary to dress beautifully. Since elegance was so important in Versailles Palace, those who did not obey the rule were not allowed to spend time in the palace.

Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon

Another important part of the Palace of Versailles is the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon. It is a private house of the king and queen where they can get away from their formal lives. Inside the Grand Trianon, you can find several rooms that have completely preserved the interior of the past centuries, the emperor’s bedroom, various art galleries.

Especially for the outside of the building and its range of columns of pink marble. If the weather and the sunlight are right, you’ll be amazed by that much. Today, this section is used to host the guests of the Prime Minister of France. On the other hand, Petit Trianon belongs to queen Marie-Antoinette. The young queen made many changes to the palace. She has made a new English-style garden arrangement and regularly organized balls in the palace. It is definitely worth seeing in terms of both structure and decoration.

Versailles Garden

Versailles Garden1

One of the most important features of the Palace of Versailles is the size of its unique garden.  In 1661, the process of creating Versailles Garden by king Louis XIV took 40 years. There are walking panels, sculptures, fountains, flower and water gardens, stairs, and pavilions between the trees in the garden of the palace.  We see that much attention was given not only to the palace but also to the garden. Apollo Fountain, Neptun Fountain, Mirrors Fountain, and many other fountains are among the interesting details. You can see the sculptures all over the garden of Versailles.

Another Palace of Versailles fact is that there are 221 sculptures in the garden. For this reason, the Palace of Versailles has become the largest open-air sculpture museum in the world. Palace of Versailles is a unique structure in terms of interior architecture and garden arrangement. Don’t forget to enjoy a peaceful walk around the garden of the palace!

Now we understand that everything about the Palace of Versailles is exaggerated, right? The best architects of the period were brought for the design of the palace. Materials were provided for its construction from all over France. The purpose of building with such care is to show everyone how magnificent France is. Some parts of the magnificent palace were reserved as a French History Museum for the French people in the early 19th century.  Although there is no longer a kingdom, Versailles still has an important place in the name of the country’s government. 

Nowadays, French legislatures meet regularly here. In this article, we gave you information about the facts about the Palace of Versailles. We recommend that you see the interior and garden of this magnificent palace. You will be enchanted by French history!

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