paris wine tasting

Paris Wine Tasting

You can not imagine leaving Paris without having seen the Eiffel Tower, but what is a trip into the most famous wine country if you not discover French wines?

Wine Tasting in Paris is the perfect experience for those who want a little wine tourism right in the heart of Paris. You will learn everything you need to know about French wines, from the differences in their taste to the regions they come from, and how to properly order a bottle at a restaurant or wine bar.

Surrounded by small villages and cultivated with grapes, Paris is the center of the finest French wine. You can not start your food instincts without tasting the wine of Paris, popularly known as the ‘City of Food’. Wineries in Paris are an ideal place to enjoy and taste the most beautiful wine vineyards from all over the country.

Did you know that there is a type of wine in Champagne? In France, the famous sparkling wine, champagne, is considered as an appetizer before a meal and as a national drink for celebrations.

So, when you go to France, don’t forget to have a glass of sparkling wine before dinner.

Swinging by the City of Love? 

France’s longstanding love story with wine is world-famous. As the wine capital of the world, every region in France has its wine, with winegrowers offering local flavours and unique twists. Since the 6th century, France has been hard at work mastering the art of wine-making. Before this, wine came from the Italians, who export their wine to France’s noble families. The French fell head over heels with the bittersweet fermented juice that it sparked a cultural obsession – a passion for making wine they could call their own. Over the years, the love for wine has turned into a true art form. Armed with the winemaking techniques of the Romans, the French built their vineyards and further perfected the art. 

The country where the wine tasting culture first developed in France and French has made a great contribution to the enrichment of the tasting language. Wine tasting in Paris is an opportunity not to be missed. Let’s talk about the places you should visit:

Les Caves du Louvre

Located in the heart of Paris, Les Caves du Louvre is a unique venue recently opened to the public thanks to an enthusiastic team. Built-in the 18th century by King Louis XV’s wine attendant Trudon, the wines are now dedicated to French Wine. It is believed that provoking sensations are key to understanding wine. Therefore the tour begins by inviting visitors to approach the subject of wine in a sensory way. Five rooms in Caves du Louvre are spread over 600 m² each that appeals to a different sense. The different rooms will make you discover French “terroir”: from vineyards to aromas, flavours, sounds, until of course, the final tasting. The first four rooms appeal to your smell, touch, sight, hearing. The fifth room appeals to the final sense at a wine tasting – “Taste”. The taste of the wine is discussed at the end of the tour, where visitors are invited to taste several wines. If you come to Les Caves Du Louvre, you will both get information and learn about French wine. And also why not create your own wine during a winemaking workshop in this place filled with history?

Le Vin Qui Parle

Le Vin Qui Parle (speaking wine) offers a variety of wines and spirits from hundreds of independent producers. As the name suggests, the wine speaks. Le Vin Qui parle gives you the luxury French wines experience. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, Le Vin Qui parle allows you to discover the treasure of French grape varieties in a convenient and easily accessible way. The store has three programs – an introduction to wine tasting, open wine tasting, and private party evenings. The offer on the party evening starts from 10 people, and here you can invite an expert to your home for an evening.

Vino Club

Vino Club specializes in winemaking activities and gives you in-depth knowledge of French wines, along with enology courses and tastings. The team will introduce you to the world of wine tasting in an original fun way, with humor and a lot of interactions. From learning how to taste the wine to discovering the grape varieties, along with the concept of aging and all the secrets behind the wine and food pairings – Vino Club will educate you on everything about wine. Vino Club invites you to wine science course activities with a pleasant atmosphere in the best hotels in Paris. Wine tasting is usually accompanied by cheese or charcuterie to make learning more warm and friendly. Wine tasting for beginners, themed enology courses, enology discovery days, and more; novices and connoisseurs alike will find something to enjoy with our exciting activities! Above all, this experience is about sharing a passion for wine in a simple, lively, and good-humored atmosphere.

Ô Chateau

Olivier Magny founded O Chateau in 2004 to help Paris visitors gain a deeper understanding of French wine. What started as a small wine tasting operation has grown into one of Paris’ most popular wine tasting establishments. With over 500 different wines, this wine bar and restaurant is the first place in Paris to receive the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. If you’re looking for the best Parisian wine tastings, you can find a variety of events at O ​​Chateau, each catering to different budgets and tastes.


Dilettantes are the best place in Paris for a champagne tasting. This small and family-owned stone cellar is a champagne cellar that offers you quality champagne tasting, set up to better promote the champagne. You can shop for champagne in its street-level stores, but the main event takes place in the cellar, where you will taste the champagne of the week for a small fee. The stone cellar hosts tasting and wine workshops in groups. Don’t forget to come to this family-owned of which it is the producer and enjoy the unique champagne.

De Vinis Illustribus

De Vinis Illustribus offers private wine tastings in its stone-vaulted 17th-century wine cellar in the Latin Quarter. Old vintage wine, recent wine, great classics: the wine merchant organizes several workshops in the daytime and the evening. Tasting dinners in the wine cellar are possible. The manager also gives suggestions on food and wine pairing and on ideas for giving wine as a gift. Together with an expert, you will discover the most famous French wine regions. For novices or experts, the tasting sessions recommended by Wine Tasting in Paris will give your taste buds a feast and reveal the secrets of French wine.

After the restaurants and workshops, it is time to see the place where the grape grows.

Loire Valley

Would you like to explore the Loire valley? Famous for its capacity, Loire Valley in the southwest of Paris is one of the largest wine-producing regions in France. The Loire Valley, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000, is almost a grape paradise. The 170,000-acre vineyards that make up the Loire Valley are divided into 5 regions. These are Saumur, Anjou, Nantes, Center-Loire, and Touraine. An incredibly wide variety of wines can be produced in the Loire Valley, due to the grapes grown in variable geography. In this valley, where more than 60 types of wine are produced, you will find a wine for every taste and occasion. If you’re looking for French glamour and gastronomic delights, the Loire Valley is a candidate to exceed your expectations. Wine tours from the capital to Loire Valley are often on many tourists’ lists of to-dos. When you take a tour of the Loire Valley, you will probably visit two of the best wineries in Loire Valley of the Vouvray Appellation. Not only will you enjoy wine tasting in the region, but you will also have the chance to speak with winemakers. They will be willing to share their tips on winemaking and wine tasting.

Paris Wine Day Tours

Paris Wine Day Tours allow you to make a day trip to the Loire Valley and Burgundy’s vineyards. The trip to Paris includes visits to two vineyards and tastings of a variety of white, red and rosé wines from different grapes and titles such as Pouilly-Fumé, Coteaux du Giennois and Sancerre. Paris Wine Day Tours also include a visit to a cheese factory, a local grocery store, and historical monuments. A fantastic opportunity to learn more about enology, taste high-quality wines, and even buy them yourself! So, discover the fascinating world of French wines.

Musée du Vin

Now let’s give you information about the wine museum. This is an old quarry where those famous yellow limestone stones were mined for the construction of buildings in Paris in the 15th century. The quarry, which lost its function over time, was used as a warehouse for a period; it was opened to visitors as the Wine Museum in 1984, after overcoming various episodes and even becoming the drink cellar of the Eiffel Tower restaurant for a while. In this museum, more than 2,000 objects describing the wine culture are exhibited.

You can see many details from the growing stage of the grape to the production of the wine, from the preservation and storage stage to its sales and even the service and presentation. You can also see the sculptures of wine producers and sellers inside. The wax figures, as some historical Napoléon, Pasteur, or Balzac, depict objects in the collection. This exhibition pays tribute to evoke their professions. It offers visitors the opportunity to recognize or discover traditional tools, sometimes quirky, often overlooked, which are now part of French heritage.

Many are no longer used and are now kept in private collections and museums. They show, for generations to come, the ingenuity of their inventors and the skill of those who mastered its use. If you want to know and see the stages from the vineyard to the glass, its historical journey, and other details, we highly recommend this place. It will be an interesting experience to visit this museum, which is seven floors below ground.

In this article, we gave you information about tasting wine in Paris. France is reputed for the quality of its wine and attracts numerous wine buffs. In Paris, many wine and champagne bars welcome enthusiastic professionals and beginners, and wine merchants present the latest vintages that they have sourced. France, you should add these wine-producing areas to your itinerary for some impeccable tasting experiences. You will learn about the French wine regions, vineyards, and the type of wine each produces. As a result, a trip to Paris would not be complete without experiencing the wine tasting.