Paris With Kids

Paris With Kids

Considered as the capital of romance in the world, Paris is a metropolis that welcomes millions of visitors every year with its unique architectural elements, historic buildings, lush parks and gardens, extensive streets, and spectacular tastes. Paris, which has become a frequent destination on the route of families traveling with their children, is a city with plenty of alternatives for families with children.

You will have many reasons to go to Paris with children, with easy transportation and child-friendly venues. If you want to show your children the city of Paris and its cultural aspects, you are in the right place.

If you are planning a trip with your children, instead of planning a rushing trip from here to there, the primary goal should be to ensure the children’s cultural development and awareness. There are significant points on the Paris trip with children. First of all, let’s start with transportation.

You have many options for transportation in Paris. For example ; You can rent a car, rent a bike, use the hop on hop off buses or use the subway. Of course, this situation will vary according to the age, endurance, and season of your child. If you have a stroller, we recommend you to take the hop on hop off buses, because you may have difficulty due to the density of the metro. For more information on hop on hop off buses click on this link:

Paris Hop on Hop off Big Bus Tickets

If your child is young, you can take boat tours on the Seine River as another option. For detailed information:

Paris Seine River Cruise Tickets

If your child is over nine, we strongly recommend renting a bike. You and your children will have a different experience exploring the streets of Paris by bicycle.

Next is the food issue. If you’re looking for an answer to the question of what you can eat with kids, let’s let you know.

Breakfast: all cafes and restaurants have pancakes and croissants.

Lunch: You can find lots of options. You can evaluate alternatives based on where you are going.

Dinner: as the kids get tired into the evening, ask and try alternatives around your hotel.

Snack: you can buy packaged items from small delicatessens or markets to keep them with you all day long.

For babies: yes, in Paris you can find important needs such as diapers, food and medicine from the markets.

However, in some cases, diaper sizes may not be the same or of the quality you want. Therefore, we recommend carrying important needs in your suitcase. We have another suggestion about food for you. You can book in advance for dinner or lunch on the Eiffel Tower or Seine River boat tour.

Paris is known as an address for romantic couples, but it’s also beautiful when travelling with children. “So what should we do with the boy in Paris?”We seem to be hearing what mums and dads are saying. After the transport and food issue, it’s time to visit places in Paris with children. These:

1- Paris’s must-have tourist activity: Eiffel Tower

Of course, we will not offer you classic suggestions here, but there are two activities that you can do principally with your children.First of all, instead of going up to the Eiffel Tower and waiting in turns for hours, you can freely walk around the tower and take thousands of photos. There is also a large park around which you can spend time comfortably. Second, you can take your children to the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant located above the Eiffel Tower without waiting in line.

You can comfortably enter the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the view of Paris and have a good evening meal with your children. We say we will not make the classic suggestions, but it is one of the places to witness a magnificent experience for children, the city’s world-famous symbol. You can also climb up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower to have a bird’s eye view of the city and feel the atmosphere of Paris with your child.

2- Sen River Cruise

Yes, we know, no matter how touristic this activity is, it is excessive fun for children to ride these boats. Children will be able to see and examine the whole city from a boat slowly and they will not get tired because they do not walk.

Watching the unique architecture of Paris on the Seine River may also be attractive for you.River cruise, which offers the chance to travel and watch the city’s surroundings on the river, is also a comfortable and safe travel vehicle for families with children. It is a better alternative to witness the impressive architecture and to visit some points without walking.

3- Picnic on the Seine

Just like a Parisien, you can have a little picnic by the Seine river and have fun as a family. St. You can have a perfect picnic if you prepare a nice picnic bag (not forget it is closed on Sundays) and get a blanket to lay down among the great options in the dining area of ​​Le Bon Marche store in Germain.

4- Jardin D’Acclimatation

Jardin D’acclimantation, founded in Paris in 1860, is an excessive cute, and fun place with both zoos, amusement parks, and workshop programs. If you want to leave your children to the workshops, you can leave it from 10 am to 4 pm. So the kids will have a fun day.

If you want, your children can linger in the park at the exit of the workshop or without ever entering the workshop. On your trip, which starts with the mini train, they can visit various toys, watch the animals or run wildly in the gushing water park in good weather. While your children are having fun here, you can watch them.

5- Paris Air and Space Museum

If your child is especially interested in space and aircraft, be sure to visit the Paris Air and Space Museum. The museum, which has 11 different concept sections, includes airplane models, mannequin scene rooms, a planetarium, non-gravity room, space studies, and a Dakota airplane, Frelon rescue helicopter, and a Concorde airplane. Some of the collections with an area of ​​150 thousand square meters date back to the 16th century in this museum, which is organized every year in various aviation events. There are 19 thousand 595 pieces in Muze. Enjoyable moments are waiting for you and your children with giant plane models and simulation games.

6- Cite De Science

This is a fun and educational place for children. In this science center, the movie theater, where you will feel yourself in the space of space by entering the Planetarium and lying down with your three-dimensional glasses, certainly entertains the adults, even if it scares some of the children. You can experiment with pressure and water power. Later, you can go to an experiment-playground for children that is opened at certain time intervals.

When you enter the center’s store at the end of this fun science day, you can buy hundreds of kinds of experiment games that can do at home. Before coming here, you can find activities suitable for your child’s age on the Cite De Science website and plan your day. This means that you and your children will spend your day more comfortably. Besides, we recommend that you purchase your ticket online in advance to pass the ticket queue at the entrance.

7- Disneyland

The most famous of Disneyland, which has thematic parks in different countries of the world, is in Paris. Every year, tens of thousands of children and adults go to this thematic park to have fun. One of the first places to visit in this beautiful city for families with children is Disneyland. The children will be delighted to see the characters on TV, play their games on mobile devices, see their toys in front of the characters they own, walk around their homes and castles, and get on their vehicles.

One of the recommendations we will give you for Disneyland Paris is to buy your tickets online. Enjoy all the attractions in Disneyland Paris with your full-day admission ticket to 1 or 2 parks, depending on your choice. Click on this link to get more information:

Paris Disneyland Tickets

8- Parc Asterix

Park Asterix is ​​the second theme park that will come to mind when you say Paris. This is a thematic amusement park similar to Disneyland. Asterix on the French community that rules this world, which is the best example of the “big nose” of the French, the smartest person in the world and Obelix comes across as the strongest person.

This park, which is an hour away from Paris, is a place where you can have a good time with your family and especially boys will enjoy shows. Don’t forget to take pictures of your children with Obelix and Asterix. Before you go, don’t forget to plan your day on the Parc Asterix website and get your tickets. Those who go to this beautiful park, which is 1 hour away from the city center with children, cannot even understand how time passes.

9- Aquarium de Paris

Known as the world’s first aquarium, Aquarium de Paris was built in 1867 in Paris, the favorite of France and the world. This flawless structure, with thousands of sea creatures, reveals an incredible nature.

The 140-year-old distinguished building, where you can witness the lives of sea creatures like you have never seen before, is a perfect opportunity to observe underwater with your children in the heart of the city.

We recommend that you come with your children to this aquarium, which has various activities and shows as well as giant aquariums and tanks.

Paris, which has become a frequent destination on the route of families traveling with their children, is a city with plenty of alternatives for families with children. With easy transportation and child-friendly venues, there are many reasons to go to Paris with children! We wish you good fun.

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