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The Eiffel Tower might come to mind as the city’s best-known symbol. However, there are much more romantic, less crowded, and original places to ask questions. After planning countless proposals in Paris, we went on a quest to find the best places for an offer in Paris. As the prettiest places to propose in Paris, which we mentioned below, you can create an ultra-romantic, special memory that will last a lifetime. Let’s see!

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

This is one of the most beautiful and certainly the most ornate of the bridges in Paris. This bridge is a great place to propose here at sunset. Then we should add the most romantic bridge of the city to this list, right? Named in honor of the Russian Tsar and completed in 1900, this bridge is adorned with Nymphs, Catskills. And Aquatic life and guarded by four columns topped in gilded Fames restraining Pegasus. Paris’s most ornate bridge, with its glowing globe lights and gilded sculptures, is one of the perfect places to go romantic at night as the Eiffel Tower glows from a far and the lights of the boats reflect off the Seine. By night they are lit up, which creates an ambiance that money can’t buy. We are sure you will be impressed as the Pont Alexandre III has a nice gold-plated touch.


At the Champ de Mars In Paris

Who wouldn’t want to be proposed to in front of the Eiffel Tower, right?
The Eiffel Tower has been a symbol of intense romance since it first found a home in the city of love. Champ de Mars is a vast parkland overlooking the Eiffel Tower. As the day goes on, it’s almost impossible to find a place to step, let alone kneel among the many picnics and those who spend time there. So it is better to make the offer later in the evening after the crowd dwindles. The Eiffel Tower shimmers for five minutes every hour. Champ de Mars is a great place to wander around and spend time after the crowd dwindles. So take your loved ones there and wait for midnight. Celebrate at midnight with this romantic moment when the Eiffel glows.

The Champ de Mars is one of the most beautiful places to get married in Paris.

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Boat Cruise along the Seine

Love the water? Wouldn’t you like to spend romantic moments on the Seine River that divides Paris into two? Come on then, get on the ship and go on a fascinating ride. Cruise on the River Seine is a romantic idea of where to propose in Paris; If you want to take romance and sophistication to the next level, you can go on a dinner cruise instead. Here, you will see some of Paris’ most famous landmarks while enjoying some delectable French cuisine in a super romantic setting. A dinner cruise on the Seine River will be the ideal atmosphere to see the Eiffel Tower glowing at night while your loved ones sip champagne after saying yes.

Seine river cruise is one of the most beautiful places to get married in Paris.

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Versailles Palace
“The Temple of Love “

Versailles Palace

If you’re looking for ideas on where to propose in Paris, Versailles Palace, which is about an hour’s travel time outside of Paris, is the best idea. The former main royal residence of France, this place is one of the most magnificent in all of France. So if you want to impress your loved ones, this palace will make you feel like you are in a real fairy tale. Among the gardens of the Château de Versailles, one of the most romantic places belonging to the last queen of France is Marie Antoinette’s Temple de l’Amour. (“The Temple of Love”) In this Temple of Love, you will have both romantic moments and an area that will provide some privacy and seclusion away from the crowd visiting the palace. There are also miles of landscaped gardens and walkways where you can ask questions.

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Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries

If you’re looking for another Parisian icon for the offer, the Tuileries Garden with the Louvre behind it makes a beautiful backdrop. For a peaceful setting, head to the Tuileries Garden, located between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde. If you want to watch the sunrise behind the famous museum early in the morning and feel as if the lush gardens belong to you, be sure to go there. The perfect thing about this location is that you can combine your marriage proposal with a visit to France’s most popular, pyramid-shaped museum, the Louvre. As you take this romantic stroll through the lush landscapes, you will see a few ideal places to suggest. The best part is that it’s a little further from the crowd. It will also be more unexpected.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The Sacré-Cœur Basilica is more than the most beautifully designed buildings in Paris. But also overlooks one of the best views of the city as it is on the hill of Montmartre. Although very crowded on the weekends, this famous Roman Catholic Church can feel a little more comfortable than some of Paris’ major landmarks, especially when inside the building. If you’re nervous about getting on one knee, this is one of our ideas for a marriage proposal that comes with far less pressure. What better way to express your love for someone than by taking them to a place that literally corresponds to the English “Sacred Heart”?


The Wall of Love

This work, art by two creative artists Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito: The Wall of Love. Located on the Place des Abbesses in the quaint Montmartre district, the 40 square meter Wall of Love literally spells 311 different ways of saying “I love you” in 250 different languages. It’s a bit more interesting than the major tourist attractions and is in a perfect location for a nice meal to celebrate later. As part of your marriage proposal, you can enjoy a romantic walking tour of Montmartre… then enjoy hand-drawn portraits by a talented French artist at Place du Tertre (also in Montmartre). If you’re not looking for something overly large, this less touristy location in Montmartre is a bit more subtle.

Les Galeries Lafayette

Les Galeries Lafayette

If you want the best structures in Paris to surround you, the best place for this is Les Galeries Lafayette’s terrace. You will be surprised the moment you enter this historic store. When you go to the roof; You will see the Opera Garnier, Montmartre, Sacré Coeur, and be amazed as you watch the extraordinary 360-degree panorama of the city with its unforgettable rooftops. In this romantic moment, you can dazzle your loved one even more by removing the sparkly ring. Then don’t forget to celebrate with a glass of champagne at the Ice Cube Bar!

Palais Royal Gardens

Palais Royal Gardens

If your lover doesn’t know Paris, this will be a nice surprise for him. As you walk the passage through the busy streets around the Louvre and Opera district, you will enter a quiet oasis of arcades, columns, and an elegant garden. One of the best aspects of this as a bidding option is that it is gorgeous all year round. So you won’t have to rely on the unpredictable skies of Paris that some of these other venues might require. Don’t forget to enjoy that moment.

Pont des Arts

One of the most famous bridges in Paris and overlooking the Seine River, Pont des Arts is an incredibly romantic place. Over the years he has played center stage in many movies and TV shows, including Sex and The City and Amélie. This bridge has been made famous and named “love lock bridge” because loved couples write their names on padlocks and connect them to this bridge. Nearly 1 million padlocks attached to the Pont des Arts were until the love lock was removed due to their very heavyweight. For an offer as smooth as boats to sail beneath and for this magical environment, be careful not to get too close to the edge when asking the question. You wouldn’t want to drop your engagement ring over the Seine River suddenly, would you?

Paris is arguably the most romantic city in the world, making it the perfect place for a proposition! Planning, arranging a photographer, these are hard work, we know. We said let’s get rid of the stress of finding the place for you. Whether you’re in the excitement of starting your life together or just being there to have a romantic moment, Paris is always a good idea.