Visiting Paris For The First Time

Everyone recalls their first trip to Paris.  Paris is easy to navigate. Here’s everything you need to know before visiting Paris for the first time.

Visiting Paris For The First Time

Learn as a minimum a little of the language

Imagine if someone approached you in your hometown and started speaking rapidly in French. Now put yourself in the French people’s place. Speak slowly, and simply.

Most of the locals speak quite the right English and are keen to practice. But in case you immediately communicate English with a French person, they will faux to not communicate English. Speak French with a French person, they’ll switch to English. It’s simply how it works.

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Don’t hug,

An air kiss on each cheek is a standard greeting for both men and women. And eschew the handshake if you’re introduced to someone — state your name while you Faire la bise and you’re all set.

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Try not to be so loudly

Keep your voice down if you want to blend in. The French tend to mumble inaudibly.

Visiting Paris For The First Time eye contact

Eye contact

While you visit Paris for the first time Prepare for intense eye contact. People will make it with you. A lot. And preserve it for an uncomfortably long time. Do it right back.

Paris is easy to navigate.

Paris is easy to navigate.

The best way to see Paris is simply by strolling through it. It’s incredibly difficult to get lost.

Don't be afraid to use the Paris metro

Don’t be afraid to use the Paris metro.

The métro system in Paris is super easy and a great way to get around. Over 15 métro lines connect the metropolis underground. The system shuts down at 12:40 AM Sunday through Thursday, and 1:40 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Don’t even think about taking a taxi to the airport

Cabs are great, but getting to the airport will run you upwards of 50 bucks

Hopping the RER B will take you straight to CDG for 10 euros — and if you purchase a weekly metro pass, your airport journey is included. (Be aware, hopping the RER to Orly will run you an extra 8 euros, as you need to switch to the ‘Orlyval’ at Antony.) Grab the airport bus from Denfert-Rochereau instead, which is free with your weekly metro pass. Just be sure to lift the lever on the door if you want to enter or exit — they don’t open automatically.

Always have some spare Euros for your pocket

Most supermarkets and restaurants accept credit and debit cards, however having some spare euros for your pocket is always a terrific idea, in particular for those unexpected pit stops to the boulangerie (bakery).

Drinking in public is totally legal

The French love to drink, though not always at bars and restaurants. Drinking in public is fully acceptable, and most people do it, but public intoxication is not tolerated.

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Don’t bring a bottle of wine to a house party

If you’re invited over to someone’s residence for dinner, arrive up to 15 minutes overdue and don’t bring a bottle of wine –it’s like saying your host’s wine isn’t enough good. Always wait till the host says ‘Bon appétit!’ before the start. And finally, when you’ve had enough wine, depart your glass complete or they will full it again. The French can’t bear to see an empty wine glass.

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You could brunch, I suppose, but a cafe au Chocolat or a croissant is how the French do it.

Don’t expect speedy service

 The server will give you plenty of time to look over the menu (just make certain to close it whilst you’re ready to order, or they’ll NEVER come).

.Savor your meal and feel free to enjoy your coffee when you’ve finished. You’re in France, and the French take their damn time.

Beware of fraud

People trying to sell you many things

The women pretending to be deaf, and the “finger scam,” in which men target non-French speakers and tie a friendship bracelet around your wrist, and then aggressively follow you around demanding payment. They hang out on the steps up to Sacré-Coeur.

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All of the Paris museums are free on the first Sunday of the month.

You can save your money but it will be crowded. That is why try to not plan all museum visits on Sunday.

And in addition, if you want to have a nice experience before coming to Paris, don’t forget to book the places you want to explore on

Enjoy your Visiting Paris for the first time.